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Termites can destroy the value of your home or business in record time.  JBC Termite & Pest Control can stop pest problems in their tracks.

Few things are worse than discovering that dry rot, fungus, or termites have put your home’s foundation in jeopardy.  While you may be tempted to just call a carpenter to replace compromised lumber, removing the damaged wood is only part of the problem.  It takes a trained termite control team like JBC to eliminate any possible infestation and treat the rest of your structure to ensure termites don’t come back. 

How is JBC Pest Control different?  For starters, we have decades of wood repair experience specifically for keeping termites and pests off your property.  That means we won’t only fix what you can see; our team will dig to the root of the problem and ensure that your home or business is protected for years to come.  In many cases, we can fully repair minor wood damage without performing a full tear-down and replacement- which can save you a small fortune in repair costs.

When extensive damage is present, JBC Pest Control is your one-stop source for inspecting, repairing, and eliminating any structural or wood-related problems.

Residential & Commercial Services

We Specialize in Termite Repair Damage

JBC Termite & Pest Control serves both residential and commercial clients for all pest control needs.  We specialize in preventing termite damage with annual inspections and treatments. In addition, our team is also highly proficient in eradicating existing termite nests, performing any structural repairs,  and ensuring that termites cannot return.  Call us today to setup an inspection and receive a free estimate!

JBC Termite and Pest Control

We Specialize in

The JBC Pest Control team has decades of combined experience protecting homes and businesses from all types of rodents, pests, and termites. With the industry’s best warranty and fast, courteous service, you’ll love working with the JBC team! 

JBC Pest Control

Pest Control

BC can stop pests in their tracks by removing or destroying current infestations and protecting your property from any future problems.  We get the job done right the first time, every time, so you don’t ever have to worry.




JBC Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents can be a real nuisance and, when left unchecked, their numbers can multiply into a serious problem.  JBC Pest Control can quickly and professionally neutralize any rodent problem in your home or business today!


JBC Termite Control

Termite Services

Don’t let termites eat you out of house and home!  The JBC team specializes in termite inspections and treatments to ensure that your property remains safe year-round.  Call us at the first sign of termites before your problem is out of control!


JBC Wood Repair

Wood Repair

JBC Termite & Pest Control can also fix any residual damage from pests and rodents to prevent a reoccurring problem down the road.  All of our wood repair work also falls under our industry-leading warranty to put your mind at ease.





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