Bora-Care treatments kill existing drywood termites and provide residual protection

Residual Protection

Bora-Care Residual Protection

Bora-Care Residual Protection

Any homeowner who has had to deal with drywood termites knows how hard it can be. Whether you use spot treatments or fumigate the structure, lack of residual protection has always been a problem. Many times homes need to be treated multiple times over the life of the structure.

While these procedures will kill the termites, they do not prevent them from coming back – even in the same year. And in the areas with heavy drywood termite pressure, it is not a question of if the home will become reinfested, but when. As a result, more and more families are looking for additional treatment choices when dealing with potential drywood termite problems.

An added colorant demonstrates Bora-Care's penetration into wood.

An added colorant demonstrates Bora-Care’s penetration into wood.

Another Solution

An added colorant demonstrates Bora-Care’s penetration into wood. Now you have another option-have your pest control company perform a Structural Drywood Treatment with Bora-Care. Bora-Care is an EPA registered termiticide and fungicide that is sprayed onto wood. The active ingredient in Bora-Care is Disodium Octaborate Terrahydrate, anono-corrosive borate mineral salt that is deadly to insects. And because it is a mineral salt, it will not break down over time. When Bora-Care is sprayed on the wood, its patented formula penetrates into the wood and remains there, providing years of long-term residual protection.


to use Bora-Care drywood termite treatments for remedial projects

1. BORA-CARE IS A RESIDUAL SOLUTION. When Bora-Care is applied, it remains in the wood for years, providing residual protection against invading drywood termites.

2. IT’S CONVENIENT. Bora-Care treatments can be done while you remain at home.

3. BORA-CARE TREATMENTS ARE NON-INVASIVE because the product is applied to the wood: other parts of the structure are not impacted as they can be with other treatment methods.

  • Topically applied to surface.
  • Injected into active galleries and damaged areas.
  • Misted or foamed into wall voids.

4. VOCs ARE NOT A PROBLEM. Bora-Care does not emit any Volatile Organic Compound.

5. LESS RISKS. Bora-Care is applied using simple procedures that minimize risk.

6. TREATMENT CAN BE DONE OVERTIME. Just as with painting, the crew can move from room to room until the project is complete.

7. THERE IS LESS POTENTIAL FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE that may be associated with other treatment methods.

8. INHIBITS WOOD DECAY. Bora-Care will also help stop existing wood decay from starting.

9. GENERAL PEST PROTECTION. Wood treated with Bora-Care also provides an added protection against general pests such as cockroaches.

10. SAVES MONEY. While the cost of doing a Bora-Care treatment may be comparable to other methods, the savings on temporary housing and inconvenience for your family will give you an overall lower cost, fewer headaches and long-term residual protection.


Drywood termites tend to infest structures by gaining entry around doors, windows, soffits and attics. Once a nest matures, these termites may “swarm” every year and establish new colonies in other areas of the structure. By treating the wood, you not only get rid of existing infestations, but also help prevent new colonies from getting started.


Bora-Care is sprayed onto all exposed wood in attics, garages, soffits and crawl spaces. Wall voids are injected using high pressure misting or foaming. Bora-Care is applied by foam or mist using a misting machine at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of water to Bora-Care.

The Bora-Care methods and technologies ensure that structural wood is protected.

Pest Inspection Areas
Bora Care Application
Bora Care Compound Application


Bora-Care is an effective wood treatment that protects the structure now and in the future against both drywood termites and a host of other pests. This allows pest management professionals, builders and homeowners flexibility in protecting their homes.

Bora Care Termite Killer


Your family can remain at home during a Bora-Care application. Bora-Care does not emit VOCs (“Volatile Organic Compounds”), and has an extremely low mammalian toxicity.

As an added benefit, the treated wood also has properties which help protect the structure from other unwanted guests such as:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Powderpost Beetles
  • Anobiid Beetles
  • Old House Borers
  • Longhorned Beetles
  • Algae
  • Decay Fungi (wet & dry rot)
  • General pests such as cockroaches


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